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Amongst the most important creatures on Dracca, who can use crystal to master their element.



Dragons cover a wide variety of creatures, defined as "intelligent animals who can take their strength from crystal, and master elements. They can be of any size, any type, feathered or scaled, strong or weak, flying or crawling.

Physical appearence

Dragons are usually between 20 and 50 claws tall, but tiny species of about 4 claws tall also exist, and legends mention Transcendantal Dragons that were about a hundred claws.

Physical strength

Usual dragons can walk hundreds of miles in few days, and fly at about 30 or 40km/h. They can do quick sprints and reach 100km/h in the air, but they wont stay that fast for more than few minutes.

Side notes

Fire dragons

Fire dragons have the reflex to spit a fire ball to anything you will throw at them. If it protects them from being attacked by surprise, it can be turned into a weakness by some other creatures who will thrown powder barrels at them, expecting the dragon to put the barrel on fire, and knocking himself or herself down with the explosion.