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Birds and flying creatures over Dracca planet.


An adult chauvette

Small light blue bird living on the cold islands of Dracca, and well known for its slow and goofy flying.

The baby has a featherless head


The name comes from the French "chauve", bald, since the new born birds have no feather on the top of their head, making them look like bald birds.


"To fly like a chauvette" means that a dragon has a dumb way of flying. Some other expressions like "to look drunk like a flying chauvette" or "to wait for the chauvette" are also reported.


A brown and grey large raptor, well known for its fast diving at the highest possible speeds, that small animals are the usual targets and victims. This bird lives at the top of the mountains, from where they have a great sight all around. Their excellent eyesight almost allow them to spot their prey from their nest.


From the latin Falco Peregrinus, peregrine falcon, known to be the faster diver bird on Earth.


"To have a Falgrinus eyesight" means that a dragon has a very sharp eye. "To charge like a diving Falgrinus" means that a dragon is attacking front head, and "To fly away a Falgrinus prey" is sometimes said of a dragon who's quickly flying away from a danger.


This giant black birds attack their flying prey in the air, circling around them in group and diving all together to catch it. Docile and somehow easy to train, these birds are strong enemies because they often outnumber their opponent. Their sharp eyes bound them to the Light element, but they can also be related to the Air one.


From the Greek ptéros, "wing", and the Italian groppo, group.


"To look like a Gropter/a group of Gropters" means that something or someone intimidating, or a bad omen.


Small animal with long-hair fur, walking on its back paws and flapping its wing when it tries to run, since pavorots cannot fly. They are well known for their fearful attitude and almost ridiculous way of running away.


"To be freaked out like a pavorot" means that a dragon is a very timid or easily scared one, that chickens out face to the slightest danger.


This little hiding bird have wood-like feathers for the females, and leaf-like for the male, giving them a better chance to get unspotted in the trees while seeking for seeds for its fledgling. Both male and female have a very nice singing that they use to spot danger and predators: if they see us turning around when we heard their singing, then it means we're too close to them, and they will quickly fly away. If we want to enjoy their melody, we have to look like we are not hearing them. When we staying calm and idle, faking we are not hearing nor seeing them, then they will be tame, and can even get so close to us than we could feed or touch them. The rare predators of these birds sometimes use this strategy to catch them.
Air and Plant elements are often linked to this bird.


Its name comes from the first notes of its singing melody.


"To sing like a pipiou" means that a dragon has a very nice sounding voice.


Small bird of about two or three claws that lives in town. It often lengths about a blade from wing's end to wing's end, giving him high flying skills. It can speed up to 70 lieues per hour (170km/h), under almost any weather condition. It mainly build its nest under rooftops and cornice, giving him a safe place to hide from its predators. Flowers and seed from gardens around are its main diet.


From the Latin Hirundapus caudacutus, "martinet épineux", the fastest flying bird on Earth.


"To fly (away) like a Sutucadac" means that a dragon is leaving pretty fast and sudden.