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Last updates

  • Melan

    28 November 2017Melan

    Big fish that lives near the seaside, that has a sweet and tender flesh once properly cooked. It's one of the main predators of the Trisopters.

  • Punctatus

    28 November 2017Punctatus

    Aggressive fish living alone right under the water surface of the seaside.

  • Insularyuu

    31 August 2017Insularyuu

    Island of about a hundred miles from Boreas to Suttas and 250 miles from Ponor to Orior, located at 45°B/45°P and where the Dracquints live since their Emancep. You can get there in the first gamebook.

  • Akyen

    27 August 2017Akyen

    Bipedal reptile who can walk or run for hours. Their body is covered of strong scales, and their pointing muzzle and almost shining eyes make them look smart and sharp.

  • Calendar

    27 August 2017

    Calendar used on Dracca has 800 days, split in 4 seasons of 4 months each. A month has 6 or 7 octains (week of 8 days). A day is made of 24 equal hours, subdivided in 64 minutes, subdivided again in 64 seconds. A second on Dracca is about a second on Earth. Dates are written as Month.Day.Year.