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Units of measurements

Islands and creatures on Dracca use the Global Dragonic Unit System (GDUS), since more than four centuries. Still, some rare places prefer their own independent system.


These units are based on crystal and mineral references, making these very accurate.

Unit weights on Dracca
Unit Value
Pollhen 1/100th 10mg
Karat 1/5th 200mg
Skalja 1 1g
Rokail 500 500g
Ovail 4000 4kg
Dragail 256000 256kg



The height of a living element (vegetal or animal) is based on "spike". Its multiples are based on dragons members, making these easy to use units, even if they are not very accurate.

Size and height units
Unit Value
Scale 0.125 1.25mm
Spike 1 1cm
Claw 8 8cm
Blade 64 64cm
or Tail
256 2m 56cm


Distance units come from the marine and aeronautics.

Distance units
Unit Value
Ghemme 32/10000e 3,2mm
Claw 2/100e 4cm
Paw 3/50e 12cm
ou Brasse
1 2m
Arpent 16 32m
Lieue 1024 2km 48m
Encablure 93 186m
Mile 926 1km 852m


Time units are based on the very regular movements of the stellar system.

Time units
Unit Value Equivalent
Second 1 1s
Minute 64 seconds 64s
Hour 64 minutes 1h 08m 16s or 4096s
Day 24 hours 1d 03h 18m 24s
or 98304s
Octain 8 days 9d 2h 27m 12s
or 786432s
Season 25 octaines 227d 13h 20m 00s
or 19660800s
An 4 seasons 2,5years
or 78643200s


Area are rarely measured, and they usually only serve to talk about the size of a clan's land, or a cave and home in general.

Area units
Unit Value
Acre 1 4m²
Vergée 256 1024m²
Region 4096 about 1ha
or 16384m²
Land 16777216 about 67km²



Liquids units are based on the size of a drop of melted Topaz at the surface of the planet. They are also used for gas.

Liquids and gas volume units
Unit Value
Drop 1 1cl
Roquille 3 3cl
ou Demi
24 24cl
Chopine 48 48cl
Pinte 100 1L
Quade 200 2L
Velte 800 8L
Feuillette 12800 128L
Dragette 1600000 16m3


Solids are based on gems size, and are only used to measure volume of the solids.

Solid units
Unit Value
Minot 1 1mm3
Mine 1024 about 1cm3
Pierret 1048576 about 1000cm3
Roket 1023410176 about 1m3