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The elements

List of the elements

Every living creature on Dracca and even unliving things can be related to one of the eight basic elements: Air, Crystal, Water, Electricity, Fire, Light, Plant and Ground. Only dragons and related species can actually master this element.


Symbole bleu ciel de l'Air
Air symbol
Icon of Air element

Mastering this element allows a dragon to fly fast, far and well, even in the hardest conditions. In tiny spaces like between cliffs, the dragon will still be able to fly. Last, the dragon will have a better equilibrium, and will be able to leap higher and recover quickly from falling down to the ground.


Symbole violet du Cristal
Crystal symbol
Icon of Crystal element

Thanks to this element, a dragon will know the effect of the minerals. The dragon will then be able to use these as a weapon or a defense. Last, crystal element will give stronger scales to the dragon, protecting them from their opponents' hits.


Symbole bleu de l'Eau
Water symbol
Icon of Water element

A Water dragon can master rivers and liquid water in general. The best ones can even master steam and clouds, or even ice. It is a powerful element against Fire, that is widely spread in the dragon specie. Also, a Water dragon will swim farther and better than the average, and will have a better underwater stamina. Last, the dragon will easily find water even in the desert, but they will never be able to create water out of nothing.


Symbole jaune de l’Électricité
Electricity symbol
Icon of Electric element

A dragon who masters electricity will be able to create energy beams, and even thunderbolts for the strongest ones. The dragon will shock its ennemies to knock them down easily. Electricity can also be used to activate a crystal or a mechanism. But an electricity dragon should stay far away from water, lakes and sea.


Symbole violet du Cristal
Fire symbol
Icon of Fire element

This element is wide spread in dragons kind, and allow them to resist to the highest temperatures and cross the worst deserts. Fire dragons can spit fireballs and torch about any enemy they will face, but they should stay away from water dragons and water in general. Hence, they often can't swim.


Symbole blanc de la Lumière
Light symbol
Icon of Light element

This element allows a dragon to create illusions, and to spot mirages. Also, it gives the dragon a better sight, and preys will be easy to spot even during the night.


Symbole vert de Plante
Plant symbol
Icon of Plant element

Plant dragons are able to poison the enemies they bite. They will also know the effect of plants and fruits. Last, it will be easy for them to track and hunt down a prey.


Symbole brun de l'élément Terre
Ground symbol
Icon of Ground element

This is one of the most resistant element with Crystal, allowing Ground dragons to resist more against injuries, heat and electric shocks. A Ground dragon will also be able to track and hunt his prey, and feel the vibrations under their paws, warning them of upcoming dangers. But in the air or in the water, it will be an unusable element, weakening them.

Things and elements

Everything on Dracca, including living creatures and non-living things, can be related to an element. Some creatures can actually master their element, like dragons and dracos, while others are just "part" of their element.

Dragons and elements

The dragons are not born with their element, but they learn it during their whole life. When they are young, they unconscienciously choose an element they like, and they will improve on it. Sometimes, their parents have an impact on this choice, and some of these can even force their child to pick the element they demand them to master. During the rest of their life, dragons often don't change their element, but they keep improving it. Sometimes, they want to master antoher element, getting a higher rank if they manage to do so. On the other side, if some dragons don't work on their element, then they could forget how to master it, and they will end with no element.

Animals and elements

Animals can also master some elements, even if they actually only use it without knowing it. This is why dracos, drakòns and some other creatures like them "master" only one element, and never change it during their life: they are just born with it.

Plants and elements

Plants and vegetation in general are often part of the Plant or Ground element, using it as a defense or to attack their prey for the carnivorous ones. Some can still be related to Fire, Electricity or Crystal, depending on their kind.

Items and elements

Last, as for plants, items can be considered as part of an element, like Crystal for almost all minerals. There, it is not a matter of "mastering" element, but of being part of it.



When a creature masters a new element like your own character in the first gamebook, then they get a bonus and their caracteristics increase. Note that only the Fire element gives no bonus, since it's almost the basic element of dragons.

Bonuses when mastering an element in the gamebooks
Element Skill Health
Air +2
Crystal +5
Water +1 +3
Electricity +2
Light +1 +1
Plant +3
Ground +4

Honorific ranks

An honorific rank is given to every dragon, depending on the number of elements they control. Some social roles are only allowed for dragons over a specific rank, making these functions elitist.

Honor ranks
Elements Ranks Percent of dragons
0 - ~1%
1 Elementary Dragon ~85%
2 Novice Dragon ~12%
3 Thirdclass Dragon ~1%
4 Intermediary Dragon <1%
5 Superior Dragon <1%
6 Eminent Dragon Very rare
7 Supreme Dragon 8 Dragons according to the legend
8 Transcendental Dragon Still none