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The Dracquints' lair

One of the Tjars Caves that is now the home of the Dracquints after their Emancep.


Partial (zoomed in) map
Boreal part of Insularyuu, where the lair is

Part of the Tjars caves, the Dracquints' lair is the five dragon's main home. In front of this cave, there is a wide plate rock that they use to land and take off easily. Inside, the cave has been arranged by the five friends so each of them has its own private room. There is also a wide common room opened to the outside, and where they all (but Sileya) like to spend their daytime.



Domiarr took the biggest private room as its own lair. It closed it with a locked door that he only has the key of. Inside, animals head are hung up as hunting trophies, and a mix of metal and crystal mess is dumped on the large table in the center of the room, that is the Fire dragon equipment.


Flafia's room is closed by a simple rope curtain. Inside, the dragoness keep a lot of pictures on Mageoises, that are portraits of all the friends she met in her life.


Karlexia chose a long corridor like room, opened on its end to the other side of the mountain. She often run across her room and jump outside all of a sudden, giving her a straight boost when taking off. Paint Mageoises are hung up on both side walls of this long room, made by her friend Sileya. They almost always represent one of Karlexia's achievments.


The round room of Sileya is well hidden in the roof of the lair's main corridor. The dragoness can jump right in that roof hole to get in her room. Inside, a lot of artistic pieces can be found. Sileya loves to stay in there for hours, painting Mageoises that she is often afraid to show to other dragons, sometimes even to her friends.


Wisiarr laboratory is dig in the ground of the main corridor, and is sealed by a crystal door. If you open it wrong, then its color will change, allowing the dragon to know that someone get inside his room without being invited. Inside, a lot of niches can be found in the walls, each of them containing a mineral or a crystal he found. A label states every crystal's name, and a Kryopedia gives more information about these. Wisiarr annotated it with its own observations. Only the wall in the back of the room is clean and rough.

Why this place?

Wisiarr was the first one to get to Insularyuu. Since he had not enough Gems to rent a house in town, and since he actually prefer staying a bit aside the crowd, he chose to stay in the Tjars Caves. Then, the others join him one after the other, and they accepted this choice back then.

Now, Flafia, Karlexia and Domiarr would like to get closer to Tichors, or even to live there, but Sileya clearly reject this idea and run away to hide in her room everytime one of the Dracquints talks about this idea. Wisiarr also dislike it because renting a house in town sounds way too expensive to him.