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Dragoness of the Light element, born on the 07.55.32745, her real name is Fraöndia but she wants to be called Flafia since she met Sileya. She is a Dracquint who has the largest family and friends relations across Dracca.


Flafia's refsheet

The Light dragoness looks like a sweet candy and a furrball one would love cuddling. Her dyes are natural, even if she never wanted these. They drive the other dragoness crazy because it is very hard for a dragon the have such hair locks. In fact, the dragoness' color change during years. She was blue and green in her childhood, and she turned pale pink and yellow nowadays. The other Dracquints have even already bet on what her next colors will be in few years.



Flafia was green and blue before
Flafia's color changed during her childhood

Flafia has a wide large family and so she was always around a lot of dragons and dragoness all the time, making it very easy for her to meet new friends. She actually was the first one to go meet Sileya during their first day at school, and she always supported her face to Domiarr's bullying. But despite the rude attitude of the Fire dragon, she always was his friend, and he always was hers.


Flafia loves being around other dragons. She's always open minded, ready to discover everything about everyone and to cheer all her friends up when they need so. She cannot stay alone for a long time, and when it happens, she will always find another creature to talk to. Her sweet-candy looks fits well her greediness, but despite she will try every new receipt she is told about, she was never fat (this drove some other dragoness crazy!) thanks to her stressless life. Flafia may look frivolous and carefreee, but she isn't gullible. She always is the first one to welcome new dragons with a wide warming smile, but during these first meeting, she counts on her friends to protect her from bad guys.



Flafia has very good relations with her parents Lumia and Arr, and with her brother and sisters Terra, Furria, and Flimm.

The Dracquints


Flafia is the only Dracquint that can actually bear Domiarr's personnality, and she often ask for the dragon's help when she or her friends are in trouble. She always know how to calm him down, making Domiarr almost acceptable.


Flafia is always impressed of Karlexia's achievements. Usually, the electric dragoness ask for Flafia's help to make a big event from every of her race and challenge. But even if Karlexia sometimes asks Flafia to race against her, she always refuses, prefering cheering her friends up instead of fighting them.


Sileya is Flafia's best friend. The two dragonesses are often together, since their first day at school. Flafia always try to make Sileya feel more comfortable, expecting it will make her talk to others easily and become more opened to the rest of the world.


Wisiarr always sounds smart to Flafia, even when he tries to calm her down when she starts hopping around to meet every creature she can. She knows that the Crystal dragon is always giving her his thought, and less likely his feelings, and she appreciates that Wisiarr never lies. Both dragons are actually very different, but they match well, completing each other.