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Dracquints' stuff

The Dracquints grabbed a lot of stuff along years. They can be found in the gamebooks. Their name and effects are listed here.


Engraved Sphere of Fire

Small sphere that Domiarr uses as its room's key in their lair. He wears it on a black armband on his left shoulder, so he can open his door without having to unstrap it.

Charron made Back Shield

Shield Domiarr made from a charron's skin. It reduces the damages by 1 point for every Assault in a fight.

Fight Blade

Blade made of red crystal and that can be worn on your tail with a strap, or on your wirst as a claw. It gives 1 more damage point for each Assault you're the attacker of during a fight


Flafia has often nothing with her, prefering people to stuff. When she has something with her, it's usually a gift from another dragon or creature of the island.

All these gifts are carefully kept by the dragoness in the Dracquints' lair.


Rope-made Bracelet

Bracelet that Flafia gave to Karlexia for her first fishing. She wears it on her right back paw. On partially untied, the rope rings can be used to attach the fishes she caught.


Sileya's feather

Sileya's feathers can be found in some gamebooks. They often still have some ink inside, and can be used for writing or drawing, like the dragoness often do.

Sileya's necklace

Necklace Sileya usually wear. She bought it in Tichors, during her first visit with Flafia. It was made of the same crystal than in the Dencrag, called Dencrite, and it makes its owner feel lighter, allowing them to fly higher and easier in the air.

It gives a 3 Skill points bonus for all aerial fight.

Sileya's parchments

Parchments Sileya owns, and that she left behind nearby the Polychromalots.

Five sided black bag

Bad Sileya wears, and where she usually keep her day long drawings or some other items the Dracquints gave her.

Golden bracelet

Bracelet found on the Windy Beach that Sileya had in her bag. It fell down when Sileya sought for the Map of Insularyuu in her bag. It is a gift for the upcoming birthday of Karlexia.


Silver made bag

Bag closed by an impressive amethyst and a platinum girth. Wisiarr use it to carry crystals he found, before studying these at the lair.


Book that can be found in Wisiarr's room, and that regroups a lot of existing crystals on the planet. Wisiarr annotated it with his own notes.

Gevetite amulet

Amulet made of Gevetite and that will give back 1 Health point at the end of every gamebook section without a Fight nor injury, and as long as you still have less than 20 Health points.