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Plants and flowers on the Dracca planet.


Silver color flower that represents the commemoration of dead dragons. It usually ornate their tombstone.


Comes from the old Greek necros, death, and anthemon, flower.


This flower's petals are made of pink crystal that reflects the light, attracting insects so they can foraging its red heart. Since it's a flower made of crystal, dragons sometimes eat it, regaining 1 or 2 Health points thanks to these crystal petals.


Orange lichen that grows on warm and dry cave walls. It can be used to heal up from wounds, and to calm down pain, giving back some few Health points.


The name comes from the Caloplaca saxicola, a lichen that grows about all around the world.


A bush where juicy sweet vitaminized fruits are growing.

Guaria fruits

These fruits are very sweets and vitaminized, meaning that when a dragon eat some, they can regain between 1 and 4 Health points.


Comes from the old French guarir, meaning "protect", "guard" (XIth century).


Tree with large leaves. These leaves are covered of a gluing substance that attracts insects. Once insects land on it, they cannot fly away, glued on the leaf until it withers. The insect still glued on it, the leaf then falls on the ground, and dries out very quickly, turning the substance into a toxic insect killing one. The insects dies quickly, becoming a nutritive humus all around the tree's trunk, giving it all nutriments it requires. Other animals, like dragons, are not affected by this substance and can therefore touch or even eat these leaves or the insects without any harm.


Dense bush where polychromus fruits are growing. They can be found in wide opened places like plains or on windy ones like valleys, on several islands like Insularyuu or Lumenia. Fruits on the plain bushes are often sweeter and greener than the others.

Fruits (polychromus)

Fruits that grows on the polychromalots bushes. The sweetest are green, and the acid ones are blue. Buds are initially dark and almost black, and they get lighter while they grow, turning to pastel like fruits once they are ready to be picked up. These fruits are perfectly comestible for dragons.