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Cardinal points

Maps on Dracca has four main cardinal points, and four secondary ones called. The main ones are matching Dracca's rotation (Boreas→Suttas axis is aligned to the planet's spinning axis), while secondary ones are following Vherris's path in the sky.

Cardinal points

The cardinal points

Main points

Boreas, Orior, Suttas and Ponor (clockwise) are the main cardinal points. The planet's rotating axis is along the Boreas-Suttas direction.

Secondary points

Creumbra, Leviar, Diminiar and Matumbra are the secondary ones. So, instead of talking about "Boreas-Orior", one should say "Creumbra". A direction can be even more precise, by mixing a main and a secondary cardinal point, like "Boreas-Orior".

Point type Cardinal point Earth's equivalent
Main Boreas North
Boreas-Creumbra North/North-East
Secondary Creumbra North-East
Orior-Creumbra East/North-East
Main Orior East
Orior-Leviar East/South-East
Secondary Leviar South-East
Suttas-Leviar South/South-East
Main Suttas South
Suttas-Diminiar South/South-West
Secondary Diminiar West
Ponor-Diminiar West/South-West
Main Ponor West
Ponor-Matumbra West/North-West
Secondary Matumbra North-West
Boreas-Matumbra North/North-West
Compass showing the eight cardinal points