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Bipedal soldier, children of ancient Akyens who were thrown away from their towns on Insularyuu usually because of scams, robberies or crimes.


Tjars mountains

The Errants that live in the Tjars mountains get used to this out-of-town environment. they got paler along years, and are usually equipped with sharpened stones, when they haven't kept their original iron weapon. They usually are related to the Ground element.

Emerald mounts

The Errants from the Emerald mounts turned to the Plant element and poisons. This explains why they usually are greener than their cousins from the Tjars mountains.

Middle land Forest

The Errants from the Middle land Forest are proud of their remote wood made weapons. They often hunt their prey and victims with lance and arrows. They are in between Ground and Plant elements.

Dlake shores

The few Errants that set their camp around and under the Dlake Lake have obviously adopted the Water element. They also took its color.