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Necklace, that is sticking around the neck, usually made from animal skin or flowing elastic fibers. It represents a personal achievement of its owner, meaning it is very appreciated by the sports athletes.


Ocean blue Collocou

Collocou that Karlexia bought for herself, aiming to wear it after once she would have caught her first fish, but Flafia gifted her a Rope Bracelet once she successfully ended her first fishing. So this collocou became useless, and she rarely wears it, favoring her friend's gift instead, since it means a lot to her.

Dupral Collocou

Collocou that is hard to remove, and that automatically locks itself. It requires a specific key to be opening. The vapors from the dupral it's made of can numb the dragon who wears it. Elements Table maluses are then doubled, while bonuses are divided by two, making it way harder for the reader to finish its gamebook aventure.


Auto-locking hard to remove collocou, that cannot be unworn without the matching crystal key. It forbids the dragon who wears it to use its element, discarding all bonuses from the Elements Table and leaving only its maluses unchanged.