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Emancep is a great ceremony when a dragon leaves its home island for other countries.


At the very begining, dragons appeared nearby the crash site of Vherra, thanks to all the crystal around. The island quickly became too small for all these creatures, and they started to leave the place for other islands around the planet. Since then, the tradition persists, and dragons must leave their own island once they reached their majority. This ceremony is called the "Emancep".



The dragon's family has to prepare the ceremony. Each family has its own way to do so: some will make it a giant party, while others will only invite few close friends.

Ceremony (Magnuferia)

The ceremony itself is called the "Magnuferia". Family, friends and sometimes neighborhoods are often invited, and they are all getting together for this important time. The ceremony always follow the same steps.

Root texts reading

Magnuferia starts with the reading of the eight root texts, that are the basics of the dragons' society across the planet. These texts are supposed to be rockstone wrote, but they are actually always interpreted by every family, and their original meaning got lost during the past centuries, but it is usually considered that the original texts are the followings.


Forcia is the first of these root texts. It explains why strength is a very important thing in dragons' life, and how it is different from the violence.


Right after the Forcia, Iusticia shows that strengh must not be used to rule other dragons, but instead to serve the justice and equity, and must never be used for revenge.


It continues the preceding text about revenge, highlighting that every striking back must be adapted to its cause: one must not overreact, or a stream of violence will begin.


After Temperantia, Devotia follows the metaphore of the strengh being the hand of the justice, spreading it to other fields like morale and devotion to other dragons.


A slight break follows the previous text. Afterward, the Generosia shows how usefull it is to give gifts to others, without expecting anything back. It highlights that the real cost of a gift has nothing related to how valuable it looks like to the other who receive it. This text states that the community interest is greater than every personnal interest.


Following the Generosia, the sixth text states that gifts must not be used to corrupt others, and that one must never feel indebted to a dragon for their gift. One must even sometimes refuse a gift, if it's out of place.


That seventh text after the Integria explains that a dragon must respect the others, without falling down in corruption nor matteying. It explains that at the end of the ceremony, the dragon will leave its home to other territories, where dragons will have different habits. The young leaver must not consider there habits as barbarous, and must respect these instead.


The last text extends the Respicia by showing that everything was new someday, and that being tolerant must sometimes means being open minded, and that accepting new habits is sometimes required. The goal of this last text is to prepare the dragon to accept new habits of the island they will end to, even if these habits look very new to him or her.


The readings done, the young dragon receives several gifts: a neckpouch and a side bag, both empty at first. Usually, the family offers one of these gifts, and the friends offer the other. When both gifts are received, the young dragon will get 8 Topazes to put in their neckpouch, and a traveling ticket that goes in the bag. It will be used right after the ceremony, when the young dragon will have the quit the island for real.


After that, the ceremony is over and the young dragon leaves. Some makes this a big party, while others make it very sober. In both cases, the leaving is short in time, because the goal of this ceremony is to push the young dragon to leave their home island, not to stay forever in a never ending party. Some family still take this opportunity to show how powerful and famous they are.

The initiatory journey

Once the young dragon had left the ceremony, they go to their traveling ship. Even if dragons often know how to fly, leaving by their own means has a very bad reputation, since it means the dragon will fly not far away from their home island, while the goal of the Emancep is to make them fly far away and spread to other countries. The majority of dragons take an air ship to leave their home island, while a few others prefer taking a boat.