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Friendly business traveler, this Black Bear always have a wide smile. He's one of the Dracquints' friends. They met on Insularyuu, during a stopover of the traveler. Hurus is often called all around the Dracca planet, and so he visited a lot of islands, like Antjaris that left him a very bad souvenir.



Hurus is a big strong Black Bear, taller than almost all dragons, even the adult ones. Always smiling and looking warm and happy, he takes a great care of its appearence, brushing its hair before every meeting.


Hurus often carries a suitcase in his right paws, and a watch lost in its left wrist fur. He used to have a silver chain bracelet around his right wrist, but it got stolen furing its stopover on Antjaris.


Hurus is a charming professionnal trader, and a great friend to rely on. His smile and happy state of mind makes him look like Flafia, that he really appreciate when they met on Insularyuu. But one should not abuse its patience and kindness, because he can also be a very strong negociator, and its impressive build makes it hard to physically fight him.