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Action Chart

Action chart defines your character across gamebooks: its caracteristics, controled element, carried items, etc. Each gamebook has its own action chart, but their content can be kept from a gamebook to another.


At the begining of the first gamebook, you will set your own character using your Action Chart. Give your dragon a name, an element, some caracteristics, and items. During your adventure, your action chart will change, depending on fights you will beat, items you will get or loose, and characters you will meet.

Between gamebooks

At the end of a gamebook, keep your action chart: you will be allowed to reuse its content for the next gamebook. So you will keep your items, caracteristics, elements, and notes, meaning that something that sounded useless in a gamebook may become crucial in the next one. Still, the action may discard some stuff in the new gamebook, or may add new things, so you will see changes here and while moving from a gamebook to the next one.

Gamebook-specific information

The Dracquints

The first part of the Action Chart from this first gamebook defines your character for the first time (name, sex, tallness, age, and so on) along with your caracteristics. The second part is for items and gems you will carry, and your own notes about the story events.