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Calendar used on Dracca has 800 days, split in 4 seasons of 4 months each. A month has 6 or 7 octains (week of 8 days). A day is made of 24 equal hours, subdivided in 64 minutes, subdivided again in 64 seconds. A second on Dracca is about a second on Earth. Dates are written as Month.Day.Year.

Decomposing the year


A year on Dracca has four seasons of the exact same duration. Each of these is linked to an element. The first season, Igna, is the warm season on the Boréas side of the planet.


Each season has four months of 6 octains each, but the 3rd that has a 7th additional octain. Months are linked to the element of the current season, sometimes mixed with the one from the previous or next season. Only the last month is bound to another element than the seasons' ones.


Each octain (week) has exactly 8 days of the same duration. Each day has its own element.

The year on Dracca
Season Element Month
1st (48 days) 2nd (48 days) 3eme (56 days) 4eme (48 days)
Igna Fire Prignis Mesignis Loggnis Luminis
Aera Air Praer Mesaer Laer Electraer
Aqua Water Pragua Mesagua Longua Vegetagua
Terra Ground Primerr Mesterr Longuerr Crysterr

Splitting a day

Days are subdivided in 24 hours. Each hour has 64 minutes. Each minute has 64 seconds, meaning that an hour is 4096 seconds, and that a day last 1,536 minutes, so 98,304 seconds exactly.