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Crystal island

Island made from the collision between Dracca and Vherris, and where the first dragon was born thousands years ago. Crystals are covering its surface.


Lumenia is an island used as the reference for the latitude and longitude on the planet. Therefore, its center is at 0°B/0°P.


Siege weapon working like a trebuchet. It was made for the first time by the military engineers in the town of Manganell. The town changed its name since then, in honor of this creation. They were widely used on Antjaris, and mainly during the siege of Forthorr, and the attack of Insularyuu‘s capital: Esturia.


Main planet of this universe, about the size of Earth. UV rays from the white dwarf Opak heats this planet, while its satellite Vherrislights it. Climate and day/night cycles can then be very different depending on where you are on this planet: some islands are neverending nights, others are neverending days.

Stellar system

Eight planets (only five are remaining) were orbiting around the white dwarf Opak, that emits no visible light but UV radiations. These radiations are turned into visible light by Vherris, the satellite of the planet Dracca, meaning the planet is lighten up by its “moon”.


Necklace, that is sticking around the neck, usually made from animal skin or flowing elastic fibers. It represents a personal achievement of its owner, meaning it is very appreciated by the sports athletes.


An icebreaker ship that follows the Tjars current, carrying goods and passengers from Antjaris to Freuzanyuu, sometimes stopping over Insularyuu.

Black Bear

Black bears are bipedal massive animals. Despite they intimidating physical look, they actually are kind and amical. A lot of other creatures often ask them for help when it comes to trading contracts. Their presence bring calm and security to such diplomatic or business affairs. Therefore, a lot of them are actually sells man bears…. read more »


Bipedal soldier, children of ancient Akyens who were thrown away from their towns on Insularyuu usually because of scams, robberies or crimes.


Amongst the most important creatures on Dracca, who can use crystal to master their element.