All the characters from Dracca


Water dragon who owns a boutique nearby Sileya‘s home. He made a deal with Flafia when selling her a block of Mageoise, in a chapter of Dracca.

Honorific ranks

An honorific rank is given to every dragon, depending on the number of elements they control.

The Dracquints

The Dracquints is a group of five childhood friends: Domiarr, Flafia, Karlexia, Sileya and Wisiarr. They are the main characters of the gamebooks.


Fire dragon born on 14.22.32741, son of Volona and Flamm, and the elder child, often in charge of his sisters Aquilia, Flore and Tinsta. The other Dracquints consider him as their big brother too, and their protector.


Crystal dragon born on the 03.14.32743. He has no wing but six legs, making him the only Dracquint that cannot fly.