The five dragons by your side in the gamebooks.

The Dracquints

The Dracquints is a group of five childhood friends: Domiarr, Flafia, Karlexia, Sileya and Wisiarr. They are the main characters of the gamebooks.

The Dracquints’ lair

One of the Tjars Caves that is now the home of the Dracquints after their Emancep.

Dracquints’ stuff

The Dracquints grabbed a lot of stuff along years. They can be found in the gamebooks. Their name and effects are listed here.


Dragoness of the Light element, born on the 07.55.32745, her real name is Fraöndia but she wants to be called Flafia since she met Sileya. She is a Dracquint who has the largest family and friends relations across Dracca.


Fire dragon born on 14.22.32741, son of Volona and Flamm, and the elder child, often in charge of his sisters Aquilia, Flore and Tinsta. The other Dracquints consider him as their big brother too, and their protector.


Feathered dragoness mastering the Air and born on the 12.28.32742, and the most calm and timid Dracquint. She prefers to stay lonely, painting or inking, instead of hanging around with other dragons. Some even never heard her voice.


Crystal dragon born on the 03.14.32743. He has no wing but six legs, making him the only Dracquint that cannot fly.


Electric dragoness born on the 02.48.32744, and the most adventurous of the Dracquints.