Frozen island at the boreas of Insularyuu. Fast and strong winds and the coldness that took over this place make it a very hostile land, where flying is almost impossible.


An island one should not visit without a bodyguard, at the Ponor of Insularyuu.


Main planet of this universe, about the size of Earth. UV rays from the white dwarf Opak heats this planet, while its satellite Vherrislights it. Climate and day/night cycles can then be very different depending on where you are on this planet: some islands are neverending nights, others are neverending days.

Cardinal points

Maps on Dracca has four main cardinal points, and four secondary ones called. The main ones are matching Dracca’s rotation (Boreas→Suttas axis is aligned to the planet’s spinning axis), while secondary ones are following Vherris‘s path in the sky.

Geological time scale

The geological time scale on Dracca it cut in billion years long “eons”, and each of them is again cut into eras of hundreds of millions of years. Astronomic events put an end to eons, while biological and geological events shows limits of the eras.