Tiny Fire animals, looking alike scared wild boar. Their instinct of conservation is highly developed. They can be found on Insularyuu, in calm and green forests, hills or plains.


An agile herbivore, easily scared but very curious, that can be found on steep reliefs like the Tjars mountains.


Big fat animal with a very resistant skin. Its back scales are known to be “indestructible”. Civilians often raise them for their surprising tasty meat, while the army build armors from their strong scales. Often linked to the Ground element, for their high resistance.


Small light blue bird living on the cold islands of Dracca, and well known for its slow and goofy flying.


A brown and grey large raptor, well known for its fast diving at the highest possible speeds, that small animals are the usual targets and victims. This bird lives at the top of the mountains, from where they have a great sight all around. Their excellent eyesight almost allow them to spot their prey from… read more »


Giant black carnivorous but actually docile birds, living in groups


Half way between a big dog and a world, Loupiards have long canine teeth growing outside their mouth. They live in groups, inside dark caves. They can be met inside the Tjars mountains, on Insularyuu.


Fearful mouse with eight paws, that is about the size of a dragon‘s hand (few claws).


Small animal with long-hair fur, walking on its back paws and flapping its wing when it tries to run, since pavorots cannot fly. They are well known for their fearful attitude and almost ridiculous way of running away.


Very aggressive snake when it’s wild, but it can be bred for its elastic skin.