Bipedal reptile who can walk or run for hours. Their body is covered of strong scales, and their pointing muzzle and almost shining eyes make them look smart and sharp.


Silver color flower that represents the commemoration of dead dragons. It usually ornate their tombstone.


Tiny fragile flower, magenta pink, that grows up in the shadow of the rocks.


Big and imposing animal, that is actually easily scared regardless its impressive strength. Bizhons know how to talk, but they usually stay quiet: they are well known and used for their strong working abilities, not for their smartness.

Black Bear

Black bears are bipedal massive animals. Despite they intimidating physical look, they actually are kind and amical. A lot of other creatures often ask them for help when it comes to trading contracts. Their presence bring calm and security to such diplomatic or business affairs. Therefore, a lot of them are actually sells man bears…. read more »


Tiny Fire animals, looking alike scared wild boar. Their instinct of conservation is highly developed. They can be found on Insularyuu, in calm and green forests, hills or plains.


Orange lichen that grows on warm and dry cave walls. It can be used to heal up from wounds, and to calm down pain, giving back some few Health points.


An agile herbivore, easily scared but very curious, that can be found on steep reliefs like the Tjars mountains.


Big fat animal with a very resistant skin. Its back scales are known to be “indestructible”. Civilians often raise them for their surprising tasty meat, while the army build armors from their strong scales. Often linked to the Ground element, for their high resistance.


Small light blue bird living on the cold islands of Dracca, and well known for its slow and goofy flying.