An island one should not visit without a bodyguard, at the Ponor of Insularyuu.

Cardinal points

Maps on Dracca has four main cardinal points, and four secondary ones called. The main ones are matching Dracca’s rotation (Boreas→Suttas axis is aligned to the planet’s spinning axis), while secondary ones are following Vherris‘s path in the sky.

Crystal island

Island made from the collision between Dracca and Vherris, and where the first dragon was born thousands years ago. Crystals are covering its surface.


Main planet of this universe, about the size of Earth. UV rays from the white dwarf Opak heats this planet, while its satellite Vherrislights it. Climate and day/night cycles can then be very different depending on where you are on this planet: some islands are neverending nights, others are neverending days.


Frozen island at the boreas of Insularyuu. Fast and strong winds and the coldness that took over this place make it a very hostile land, where flying is almost impossible.

Home island

Island that the reader’s dragon is born on. It is mentioned several times in the gamebooks, but is never explicitly named.


Island of about a hundred miles from Boreas to Suttas and 250 miles from Ponor to Orior, located at 45°B/45°P and where the Dracquints live since their Emancep. You can get there in the first gamebook.


Lumenia is an island used as the reference for the latitude and longitude on the planet. Therefore, its center is at 0°B/0°P.

Stellar system

Eight planets (only five are remaining) were orbiting around the white dwarf Opak, that emits no visible light but UV radiations. These radiations are turned into visible light by Vherris, the satellite of the planet Dracca, meaning the planet is lighten up by its “moon”.