Necklace, that is sticking around the neck, usually made from animal skin or flowing elastic fibers. It represents a personal achievement of its owner, meaning it is very appreciated by the sports athletes.


A lot of crystals can be found on Dracca, mainly coming from the collision with Vherra. The crystal particles fell down during the next millions years. Hence, the crystals are often to be found on the surface instead of being deeply underground.

Dracquints’ stuff

The Dracquints grabbed a lot of stuff along years. They can be found in the gamebooks. Their name and effects are listed here.


An icebreaker ship that follows the Tjars current, carrying goods and passengers from Antjaris to Freuzanyuu, sometimes stopping over Insularyuu.


Gems are four special crystals used as a money on almost all islands on Dracca. Still, few of these of other means for specific reasons.


Ring that is worn on a dragon‘s horn. It represents a personal achievement, a social or political or religious position, or being part of a community. Kerannos can be made of almost any material, like metal, crystal, wood, or bones. Some are also painted, or sculpted.

Le Dirigeable

Flying ship that travels between our home island in the first gamebook and the other islands around, in the Orior, like Antjaris and Insularyuu.


Siege weapon working like a trebuchet. It was made for the first time by the military engineers in the town of Manganell. The town changed its name since then, in honor of this creation. They were widely used on Antjaris, and mainly during the siege of Forthorr, and the attack of Insularyuu‘s capital: Esturia.