2017 January

Crystal island

Island made from the collision between Dracca and Vherris, and where the first dragon was born thousands years ago. Crystals are covering its surface.

Le Dirigeable

Flying ship that travels between our home island in the first gamebook and the other islands around, in the Orior, like Antjaris and Insularyuu.

Action Chart

Action chart defines your character across gamebooks: its caracteristics, controled element, carried items, etc. Each gamebook has its own action chart, but their content can be kept from a gamebook to another.


During your adventure across the gamebooks, you will have to fight to death against your enemies. YOu will here learn how to do those fights. The rules may evolve between gamebooks, and a graphic interface will be added later (until then, it’s role playing like fights).


Lumenia is an island used as the reference for the latitude and longitude on the planet. Therefore, its center is at 0°B/0°P.

Home island

Island that the reader’s dragon is born on. It is mentioned several times in the gamebooks, but is never explicitly named.


Siege weapon working like a trebuchet. It was made for the first time by the military engineers in the town of Manganell. The town changed its name since then, in honor of this creation. They were widely used on Antjaris, and mainly during the siege of Forthorr, and the attack of Insularyuu‘s capital: Esturia.


Frozen island at the boreas of Insularyuu. Fast and strong winds and the coldness that took over this place make it a very hostile land, where flying is almost impossible.


An island one should not visit without a bodyguard, at the Ponor of Insularyuu.


Main planet of this universe, about the size of Earth. UV rays from the white dwarf Opak heats this planet, while its satellite Vherrislights it. Climate and day/night cycles can then be very different depending on where you are on this planet: some islands are neverending nights, others are neverending days.